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October 01, 2010

It's Britney, bitch.

Fairy lights, I want!

I suppose the illogical mind intrusion of the song (in the previous post) was because it was the final song of the new episode of glee!! Which I haven't even watched before that. Weird. Hahaha.

I'm sorry to spam my blog posts with the only 2 dramas I allow myself to watch during promos.

Math was relatively easy today, went out of the exam hall feeling pleased with myself.. until I psycho-ed myself to think that leaving 10+ marks blank is actually quite a big deal when everyone else had finished the entire paper (with time to spare).

Sigh. Oh well at least one less r-paper for me (i think), unless I make a gazillion load of careless mistakes, which is bound to happen.

Geez life is sad.


It's kind of contradictory how I want promos to be over (I WANT A LIFE BACK), yet not really at the same time because of school.


I honestly hate this jc life-school thing, really. Also with the company of a paradise of people... people. Okay I shall stop here to avoid being... AHHH running out of appropriate words, goodbye!

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