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October 31, 2010

I am weird

This is a short post to say that the new windows live 2011 is made of awesome!

I’ve actually converted back to using live writer again. And live mail is cool too, with all the cool animations and all. It groups my email convos! And a calendar bar! Sweet.

Msn is much more usable now too. The webcam size is heaps larger- very nice because I do not need to look at myself when using a webcam. Just need to find the msn plus now..

My office 2010 is expiring in a day.. ): And adobe cs5 is expiring in 20 plus days too. I hope I can get them soon.

Blogging here because most people won’t take this kind of computer nonsense. Haha..

P.S. I have a new blog song! I take back my words on ‘Speak Now’, that song is my current fav now(: Save for the fact that it’s not a very happy one.

P.P.S Happy Halloween!

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