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October 27, 2010


I am bored no one tags I feel like I'm just providing free entertainment for stalkers, HAHA.

But still, I know that people have been here... ohwell.

I love my mum. Today when I went home looking like a zombie, moaning about a fever and having no lunch, she immediately told me to bathe and whipped up some delicious noodley thing. Then I went to bed with medicine brought over.

I don't know what I'll do without her.

I hate this fever. It's wednesday, I have my chinese a levels on monday, I&R draft is due on friday, and the video thing is tomorrow. All of which I am totally unprepared for and I just want to sleep.

Life is so difficult.

Katy Perry's 'Hot & Cold' keeps ringing in my mind. One moment I feel like an ice block and cover myself with blankets and jackets and turn off the fan, another moment I feel like I'm dissipating heat waves and wahla! The air con is on, I take off my jacket and tie up my hair.

._. I hope all this will be over soon.

-Continues with editing a darn powerpoint that I've been editing since godknowswhen-

(Continued at 3am) Why can I slogging out, so hard, while people can just watch movies & drama, play dota, and go out? I don't know it either.

Maybe I'm just fated to be forced on by circumstances all my life.


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