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October 16, 2010


Conducted a webfolio design workshop for the ip1s yesterday, and I have to say it was a pretty cool experience. Usually I'm not someone who is able to talk to a large number of people without getting all jittery, but it was okay(:

Haha prep for op! (which is on my birthday fml whyyy last year olvl chinese this year op T.T)

Standing for 5 hours is no joke, I really have to applaud all teachers for that.

Although in the middle of it all I nearly wanted to cry with frustration, from the bombardment of incessant questions.. some of which I didn't even know how to solve ): I'm not that good at html really, it's always about troubleshooting and learning things along the way!

Was pretty impressed with the 'students' though, eileen and I were barely through the course, and they are flipping way beyond the notes and asking about stuff which haven't been covered yet. Major improvement from our cohort seriously.. I remember 2 years ago everyone was just minding their own business and doing everything in the computer- other than dreamweaver!

Dream-weaver is nice name, reminds me about how we're all weaving dreams in our own special way (:

The best part were the 'students' saying thankyous, super fufilling! There was this ip1 who went 'thank you jing.. jing.. jing..' lol -.- My name so difficult to remember meh!

CS5 team ftw hahaha, geeky max!

I slept around 5pm yesterday on my parent's bed.. this morning I woke up at 9 in confusion, wondering why I was on my own bed and having no recount of night time yesterday. Haha. Guess teaching is pretty tiring huh.

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