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October 04, 2010


So! My promos are over and here I am, lazing at home watching korean dramas, being the utter loner that I am instead of going out watching a movie or something..

But of course I'm supposed to study chinese..

Was thinking of what I could go now that promos are over.. and then there wasn't anything much.. all I could think about was PW PW PW. Oh my god sigh.

Anyway. Promos. Really can't wait to get my results even if they suck like mad. The best thing is that this time I won't be full of guilt anymore!! I think. If I really do badly I'll just submit to fate and admit that I'm stupid already.

I think my blog is getting wayyy boring :/

Bye, off to watch personal taste(: Lee Min Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

/edit/ I am trying to find a nice blogskin to change into. Changing blogkins is a really tedious process- but it's all worth it in the end (: /endedit/

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