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September 08, 2010

You say goodbye, and I say hello

No, I do not like this funny pairing, nor twilight, nor the likes of Taylor Lautner, but this is a sweet photo nonetheless. Just look at the teddy bear and go: SQUEE!

I am going on a blogging marathon. But after blogging this post, I swear, I will clear up my room and indulge in the delightful knowledge that is called economics.

Hahaha my language is all funny.

Since waking up today- I have not written a single word, technically- this does not count. Meaning, I haven't studied AT ALL although it's just what..? 16 days left. I think.

Brought my pesky little brothers to the Alive exhibition at D'tent @ downtown east, where we were amused with animated paintings, very insightful- although all the time I was thinking that the very idea itself makes a very promising PW project- talking mona-lisa, 3D short clips and all. The horror.

Still, it was interesting learning about Greek paintings and contemporary art, for example the geometric-squarish painting splashed with red and blue and white yellow.. of which I do not remember the name. The only reason I remembered it was because my Sims characters were drawing it.. sorry if I sound ignorant.

We headed to Tampines mall, for NUBOX! Which is my self-proclaimed favorite shop EVER- simply because it houses the -BEHOLD- ipad (!). Haha lame.

Then next we stayed at Toys'R'us (I can never get the name- toys are us? Huh?) and stayed there for TWO WHOLE HOURS. Oh my god, I swear people can turn insane just being in there. Or well, at least I was. Hahaha. I heard the same high school musical song for at least 20 times, and I was singing aloud the glee song 'hello goodbye' with (too) much vitality.

You say yes, I say no you say stop and I say go go go!

And when my mum came, I was going 'I WANT THIS & I WANT THAT' at every thing that caught my attention. Hehehehehee. Insane or what I ask you.

Was hugging a giant patrick star all the time! (:

Had lunch at macs, and went hunting for a sportshoe-a failed search AGAIN. Blah, wasted another 2 hours. et my eyes on a babyblue nike shoe, which was really over the budget but. Just. Too. Pretty.

And my mum had to brainwash me into thinking about all the dirt and grime that would.. uglify it at the end of the day. Bother ):

Oh and I painted my nail glittery pink at the face shop. Me likey ^^

Next stop: Tamp library and borrowed 'the lovely bones' by Alice sebold, hurray! God knows if I'll ever have time to finish it but oh well.

Today was a fun day(:

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