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September 06, 2010

You cry out loud when you’re reckless in the dark.

I suppose people are already getting tired of me saying this, but:

I STAYED AWAKE FOR 27 HOURS STRAIGHT! No prizes for guessing what I was doing.

Teeheehee. (Not really, I feel quite terrible now my body clock is screwed up.)

Being obsessed over the metro colour scheme, and feeling ridiculously annoyed when the report ends up mixing with the ugly office colours. Such is life of a computer geek!


It's so difficult to express my feelings sometimes. I think I've given up turning away from this space, because it's the only place I get some form of solitude.

I know the word happy is getting a little overused, but I realise that I'm never ever completely satisfied with contexts that I'm in. I complain all the time, wishing I was somewhere else instead of here, and the next moment wishing things to be the other way around.

Woke up from a 6 hours nap, and feeling hazed because.. there goes day 18. The 8 hours a day quota has not been met for 3 days already, so that's 24 hours lagging behind time. What to do what to do? I think I'll most likely be failing all the way through again ):

Circular motion makes not any sense to me although I've already done it last year.


Yes, I actually came here to vent some frustration.

Do you know how it is so _ing annoying when you throw fits for no particular reason? And I won't want to end up with you for the world because you don't listen. You never do. Whatever you do is always right and why do you always get to have the final say? You don't deserve their respect.

Oh and by the way, I hate your sense of aesthetics.


This is what keeps me sane, putting on a facade that protects this friendship.

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