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September 08, 2010

No strings attached.

Heehee finn's awkward face! (L) Sums up my day totally, lol.

-long pause to finish up physics eassessment-

Today (or yesterday) was an interesting day. Hahahahahaha. -laughs to self- It's 3.21am and I'm delirious. Why am I still up? Crazy girl.

Anyway, this irrational (note: econs) choice I made caused me to have a (sorta) productive session at the library! Oh goody goody. Now I know that tangent theta is v square over r g and hope it'll stay inside my teeny brain till the last day of promos.

It was nice, hmmmmmmmmmmmm, being away from things I'm comfortable with. Like you know, sometimes you just need a break from everything that's bogging down on your life? Ok this is getting weird.


-continues giggling with laughter-


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