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September 22, 2010

My fringe damn fail


POSTING RANDOM NONSENSE. (Terrible english below, I know.)

I tell you I seriously is 找死 one lor 3/2 (?) days to promos then I still online for 3 hours doing nothing. Okay, I was watching gossipgirl, taylor swift's new-but-quite-old music video and roaming around youtube, watched all the parts to the Glee 8-bit interactive video DAMN GOOD I TELL YOU (LINK!), and this COOL video!!. Yeah and watching celeb news (which is quite atypical of me to follow...)

Started out today like a living zombie because I really felt sick until like want to die already didn't even feel like going to school. But still dragged myself there..

Stress talk damn lame, all the nonsense about being able to change your circumstances if you believe, or whatever crap, makes me feel like punching someone. YOU TRY LA SEE HOW YOU CHANGE YOUR FREAKING MINDSET.

But ok la the guy was quite funny, and the stuff he says is like theoretically true, but in reality.. abit difficult sia. OKAY, CENTEREDNESS HERE I COME.

The stress card fail: Tip- breathe in breathe out. Running nose la how to breathe!?! Lol.

Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeenie came to crash and suddenly I felt more alive LOL. Haha leen you have curing abilities!

LOVE (the rest of) TODAY, spent loads of time with my two darlings, to study, no less. But a bit the fail la ;/ Oh well. Feels accomplished anyway I THINKKKK.

Haha damn funny haven't laughed so much in a long time! (I know my life damn sad). But aiya I miss yall so much!! And all the ip nonsense hahaha omg feels like back to the old days! Okay I sound old.

What the hell am I still writing here for OK MUST GO SLEEP. 2.30 already OMG HOW!!

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