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September 03, 2010

Crystal ball show me the light tell me what to do

Before I do off to bathe.

I feel like crashing down, to cry in someone arms and have everything turn out right. Wish I was a kid again to have things be so simple.

I'm having a moodswing, by the way.

There it is, the final draft.

I'm tired of giving work that I know is substandard but just lack the motivation to improve it (and possibly bringing about a paradigm shift).

I want to do it well. Maybe that's just the way I am because deep down I'm a perfectionist. Or used to be. But is it worth it anymore?

Two draft, one final one to go. It's too late to realise this.

No one is helping us. Obviously she doesn't give a crap about it because that's the way it is. The world is unfair and somehow the bad side always tends towards me.


I bought a pack of jellybeans and another econs guidebook today.

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