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September 11, 2010

Are you calling me darling?


Supposed to start work at 6.. woke up at 8 and I'm using the computer till 9.

Been tumblring.. bombarded with Vampire Diaries' stuff I WANNA WATCH! Ahh, self-control, self-discipline Jing.

Study session with Qi and leen on thursday (L) AHH MISS YOU GIRLS. And I'm not even kidding. It's only when we met up and talked and laughed.. that I realised I missed their company so much. Miss the company of girlfriends (note: plural) to be with.

Infinity sighs.


I'm terrible. There are a whole lot of work I haven't done.. and I'm still lazing around. It's like whenever I finish a chapter/ work, I'm reluctant to go on to the next one. To be immersed in the frantic mood that what we know as the pre-promos syndrome.

I watch television, turn on the computer (tumblr, facebook, twitter- my three best friends online), and completely detach myself from the fact that there's only a few more days left.

Guess I ought to go back to the wonders of SHM now. And I haven't even started on econs, gosh.

P.S. Was listening to That's not my name by the ting tings & I realised the background voice says "Are you calling me darling?" Omg all along I just thought it was just lyrics-less music! Haha random.

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