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August 09, 2010

YOG torch

Small musings of my life.

The YOG torch was running by my house and they were making so much noise, everyone in my family got all excited to see it, and we were running around the house to all the different windows to see if we could catch a glimpse. So it was like:

Dad: It's here it's here! -rest of family runs over-

It was pretty hilarious because think a family of six scrambling around the house in all directions. Ooh and I managed to see the flame! :O

Dad: Here here it's in the kitchen! -everyone goes to the kitchen-

A huge orange flame coming from... the stove-.-

Played hangman and pictionary with my two younger brothers for two hours yesterday because I just really really didn't want to study. Also spent like 4 hours doing pretty powerpoint slides.

I'm heading full force towards screwing up my promos again.

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