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August 05, 2010

(Jingles love the SUPER SALLY!!muhahaha)

I haven't been blogging to refrain from sounding like a psychopathic, sleep-deprived.. basically a stupid emo kiddo, lah.


Anyway I just wanted to post about how I DON'T KNOW WHERE MY PHONE IS NOW.


Sigh. Shitty mood now.

Going to rant about incessant stuff that.. will just make me sound really whiny.

Shall start with the most boring form of blogging- in chronological order.


PE: did retarded things like human wheelbarrow and cartwheel of which I TOTALLY FAIL AT. And the retarded caterpillar thing I TOTALLY SWEAR ALL PE TEACHERS ARE SADISTIC PEOPLE WHO TAKE JOY IN WATCHING INNOCENT KIDDOS SUFFER IN PAIN.


Plus, I was already aching since last week from running 2.4 in tiptoe (because my plimsoll sucks for running).

Sucks man I hate PE.

Right after that had to rush all the way for GP remedial then still had to wait for people who take their _ own sweet time.

Then had to rush off for Chinese.

My point being that I had no time to rest/eat after PE till 2.30 but it was like more chionging- fix laptop, photocopy stuff, discuss PW.. then guess what.

Rifle PT straight after that. 2.4km and conditioning.

Sportsmen night. In a state of continual stress and awkwardness. The performance/items were not bad though.

Watched glee.

Was damn tired but I slept at 3am don't know doing what.


Meagre break at 9.05 for lunch which had to last until dinner at 8):

Supposed to end lessons at 2.30, then had econs make up and chem remedial, ending at 5.

Some sort of hiong training today. 30 minutes for 1.2km and 30 pellets, multiply by 3.

Thank god I went late.

Came home, realised my phone is no more, took part in a meaningless discussion for 4 hours, and here I am now blogging about my fail life.

The fact that everything is only going to get worse just deprives any sort of joy out of me.


Okay, in any defense, I was in a good mood at the start of wednesday because there were the lovelies that showed me the presence of a little warmth in my life. Was smiling to myself as I walked at the zebra crossing.. going to be a long time before I feel that way again.

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