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August 03, 2010

Everything will be fine

I found new things to look forward to!

GLEE SEASON 2: Sept 21!

-Checks calendar-

CMI la 1 and 2 weeks before promos!


Anyway, will blog about posts that actually can remain here.

I have a more organised (sort of) life now. Go school, come home, slack until 7.30pm, watch Avatar (Zuko!!), dinner, start work, sleep before 12, wake up at 5. Awesome not? :D

Still quite slack but I'm working on it. Like how I shouldn't be here typing nonsensical stuff out.

Oh wells!

I have been eatching ice cream everyday since Sunday! :DDD I love ice cream it makes me cool and HAPPY(: Guilty pleasure!

Sportsmen dinner tomorrow and then long week end ahead yay!

I think wearing hairbands make me less depressed. Haha.


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