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July 17, 2010


"Finding happiness is like finding yourself. You don’t find happiness, you make happiness. You choose happiness. Self-actualization is a process of discovering who you are, who you want to be and paving the way to happiness by doing what brings YOU the most meaning and contentment to your life over the long run.

- David Leonhardt"

Things that make me smile:
I shall try to be happy. When all else fails, it's only your own perception on life that can make things turn around.

It's kind of sad, that I can no longer feel rooted (to an extent), like we're just a mere acquaintances. Sure, we can go out, have fun and all, but when things get screwed up and you're feels all down and out, no one really cares.


Try being alone by yourself for a day, watching others. See how people interact. Observe cliques. Feel for those who are left out. Scoff at those who try too hard. Ever so often, we get too caught up in our own little worlds that everything else just seems like a blur.


For now, I really need to immerse myself in work. I cannot afford to slack anymore. I'm tired of being an underachiever, of not knowing what I'm really capable of.

I hate that I always regret at the end of the day.

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