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July 12, 2010

Sometimes wish I'd never been born at all

I think it thrills me when I find out new people who read my blog.. I also get kind of disappointed when I have to repeat myself with what I already wrote here. Haha but not as if I expect people to read, lah!

I get very irritated when people just tend to feign complete ignorance for whatever I say. No one really listens to me, or if they do they don't even respond.

Whattheheck man seriously. It's like I don't usually talk, hence when I do I actually have something worth sharing, so you very well listen, and acknowledge it!

Argh annoyed annoyed annoyed. What the hell abcdefg! Like that I obviously sian already right, obviously no one appreciates my contributions, plus I have to live with people stoning after I speak as if I just uttered some complete gibberish.

Finding myself more and more unneeded nowadays): I miss knowing that my presence is appreciated. I miss the mutual counting-on one another.

I miss being truthful.


On another note, JC people are funny hahaha I amuse myself too much.

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