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July 09, 2010

MYE SEE/ Windsurfing!

Okay I have no idea why my eyes are like burning, just really need to sleep now but I'm gonna do a sum up of this week.

Mid year results were given back, and I got really @#$%^&* results, but I seriously can't complain though I really put in a hell lot of time during the holidays. Guess that's what you get from not doing tutorials like since term 1 or something.


Sigh. I hope I don't curl up in a corner to emo or anything. But it's a weird experience I guess, failing like everything.

Well to think on the brighter side, how many people get to spam-fail their exams in their lifetime? (Alot of people apparently but that's not the point.) Like say, straight A students will never get to know what it feels like getting Es and Ss. I'll say it's training one's crisis management skills.

Ok whatever I'm crapping. Please ignore me, getting a bit bonkers.



Lol what the hell the picture is crazy, seriously.

Went for windsurfing for feeling-not-fab yesterday. Seriously man 'feeling fab' is such a retarded name but nevermind.

It was a good experience, we got to.. windsurf :D

After a theory session, we stood on the surfboard placed on solid ground and the trainer brought us through a simulation of surfing. Which was okay..

Super a lot of terminologies I was like super confused, dunno what in out away from wind front back.. confusing.

Then came the REAL THING. We were like left to fend for ourselves, alone, in the middle of the ocean.. together with an assigned surfboard. Wlao summore I was at the extreme corner.

Everyone was like ??? and waiting for instructions but no. So we tried to do the most basic thing of standing upright on the board, and it was pretty darn difficult. Kept standing and falling, stand and falling. Annoying to the max, especially the climbing-back-up part): Really tiring.

But ohwell sooner or later people got the hang of it! I did too.. kinda. Haha. The trick is to hold the handle really tight and kind of force your feet on the board. (but there's always the fear of falling together with the board and it would be quite ugly, because the wing will. Smash. You).


So stood there, legs shaking from trying to balance, and I realised I was moving! :D But away from all the others..



I was like whatever man you're not going to make me try to change my direction and risk falling, but the wind was quite strong, and this guy on the boat was shouting the weird terms (we earlier learnt) at me..

Plus they told us something about people surfing all the way to batam and living in a hotel there and then getting caught by the police and having people to bail them out.. so do not want that! Haha.

So, I tried to shuffle a little. AND YAY I MOOVED IN THE OTHER DIRECTION! Lol.

Continued moving in a straight line until I reached the middle of everyone-.- When you're surfing it doesn't really feel like you're moving (maybe because I was struggling to keep myself balanced). But then you look back and it's like woah, the sea is VAST.

Was getting really tired by then, so I like laid down on the surfboard to sleep (heh), but I was scared the guy would come back (he was checking on everybody), so I just rested my head there with my body in the waters.

Went for another round of surfing with much difficulty, I was getting quite dizzy. Bobbing up and down the waters for 2 hours is no joke!

But the guy came back again (!) and I tried to climb up the board and stand (tried being the key word), then he was telling me all those weird stuff and I decided I've had enough!

And thus I was delivered back to the glorious shore with all its stability :D It was about time anyway so that's good.

Haha and thus marks the end of my adventure with windsurfing! If you read every word up to here I salute you, lol.

It was fun, to an extent. Haha. Could feel feel like floating hours after the activity, so that's bad): I thought I didn't have seasickness! But anyway I'm never going back to windsurf again, just not something for me.

Too bad I didn't bring my camera there! Extreme lack of photos but whatever.

P.S. 'Screw mousehunt go study!' is my now my new motto :D

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