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July 01, 2010

mye in retrospect

Going to post a stupid thing I did for every mid year paper!

Q: Is it harmful to your body if the skin temperature increases by 5 degrees and you do not sweat? (What kind of physics question is that!? Stupid question deserves stupid answer.)
A: The body is unable function properly as the body's metabolism is disrupted. (LOL i knew i should have taken bio aha!)

General Paper
Used lol, haha, and brb in the same sentence.
(e.g. -aq nonsense- lol haha this is getting out of point, so brb, continue later!)

Handed up my rough paper and unused paper together with my exam scripts! In fact I don't even know where it is now-.- Was like 'phew it's over', followed by 'why isn't there any paper on my table!' :O

It's like the most non-stressed paper because I know (1) I can't finish (2) I cannot pass anyway, so took my time, write nicely.. no place for doing stupid stuff haha.

/edit/ okay i got one, first question, forgot the quadratic formula.. I wrote b intead of -b AHHHH SEC ONE MATH. /endedit/

Spammed too much correction tape on my energy level diagram until my 0.38mm ink pen got clogged.. so I spent another half of the time doodling on my rough paper so the pen could work again. Also making a lot of noise as I did it.

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