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July 05, 2010


Zomg I'm so tired now my eyes are barely open, it's 10.30 but it feels like 2 already!

Today was an awesome day(:

Started out with tuition in the morning, but makes me wonder why I've always thought the lecturers/tutors were speaking gibberish when it's all quite, idk, simple? Okay need. To. Do. Tutorials. From. This. Term!

Then went for picnic with the girls, but so many of them already left, sigh. It was nice having their company, don't get me started on the whole I miss non-jc life thing!

Dinner at Ajitsen, caught the DESPICABLE ME première at some posh cinema hall lols. Will leave that to the next post, and 3D is super duper cool.

I love agnes, she's adorable! IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE! Hahaha I'm going to make a gif, totally.

Yups, and that's all. I'm going to pack my bag for tomorrow, school again, darn. Only that here goes the never-ending cycle of tutorials and lectures all over again.

Now that exams are over, I'm really troubled all the non-academic (PCME+GP) aspects of school life, cca, chinese, project work, and school life in general. Gives an unhappy face ):

And I STILL haven't renewed my ezlink card yet (since 2 months ago) what is wrong with me???

Signing off,

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