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July 20, 2010

It got no rainbow

It was fun dressing up for racial harmony day today. Though obviously the idea of fun merely happened inside my head, given there was no one to be excited with.

I think I'm undergoing the period of the year when I will start being over-critical and pessimistic to everything around me. Haha.

Anyway, played bridge today at the treehouse! Probably the only highlight of the entire school day. I miss playing bridge with v14 people so much ):

And to a certain extent I like going for chinese lessons, and I feel happier after that. Sigh.


Stop trying so hard, trying to fit in with the cool crowd, yet putting yourself above others and being so selective about making friends. You disgust me.


I wish I can go crazy and exit from this school life. Maybe then I can go to a mental hospital and sing nursery rhymes all day long and have not a care in this world.

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