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July 27, 2010

It doesn’t matter - because we’ll be together.

“You’re waiting for a train. A train that will take you far away. You can’t be sure where it will take you. But it doesn’t matter - because we’ll be together.”

- Inception, 2010

I think I feel a little queer to know that there are more people I know who read my blog (then what I expect). Haha, What's makes it weird is that I used to blog for this unknown group of beings out there on the net, people who I think will never be able to comprehend what I'm writing about.

I used to just pour out everything, with a hint of hesitant and doubt, like taking a risk to whoever finding out exactly what I mean. And now I sort of can't because those risks are getting higher.

I think the worst thing to have is someone judging you by what you write on your blog. Not that it is completely unavoidable though, but like, sometimes being completely honest backfires on you at the end of the day.

Words from a blog are vulnerable to an extent- it is open to interpretations, with no room for the writer to defend his/herself. I wouldn't know what you're thinking about what I've said (even if it is really negative), would I?

On another note, I always thought it was kind of funny how guy bloggers will announce their results to the entire world wide web.

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