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July 24, 2010

I wanna create my own dreamworld

Looking in perspective.

So bored. Listening to college day stuffs about all these achievements, which simply reminds me of how this school is so outcome-centered, so glory-hungry, instead of focusing on the welfare of the students (which uhum, isn't that what a school is supposed to be?).

Went out after half day yesterday, first to Suntec Astons (beef steak ftw!) with rifle, then went to meet classmates at the cathay (bought frolick mmm!)... which was stupid because we went back to marina square -.-

Played polar bear and I suddenly miss the j3 so much.

Think jingxin = missing stuffs and living in the past.

"An idea is the greatest parasite."

We then went to watch Inception! Thrilling show that got us all mentally tired after the movie, but still pondering about the ending. Haha. Of which I still stand by my perspective that Cobb is in limbo! (ok lah although it's more probable that he isn't but the ending felt so creepy still!)

Certainly a must-watch film, the effects were really awesome!

All in all, it was a tiring day (from all the walking), but enjoyable nevertheless.


Ambivalence, over and over again. I force myself to be in the moment, to go along with everyone, to smile, to laugh. But at the end of the day I just think about this sorry plight that I'm in and I feel like, REALLY sorry for myself, y'know? When will I ever be able to get rid of this feeling (which, fyi, is one full of hatred, too bad for the -unknown- person on the receiving end)!

Maybe I will have an awesome life after I reincarnate because of this major injustice done to my current life. Haha, food for thought.

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