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July 13, 2010

I wish I could be angry everyday

Aiya so annoying I have to keep deleting my post because they're like.. subjective. Lol. So my blog looks so bare now ): No one tag summore, haha.

My oral's tomorrow!! Hope the topic's easy, wts what bowling and golf sia, if I have that topic sure die already.

Yup yups!

Oh oh yesterday was funny. I had this idea that the weight of my bag is directly proportional to my angst level, so yesterday I was like really angry because I had to lug my stupid laptop with charger (wl never use summore) and my jacket and like all the heavy stuffs.

If you read my blog you would know whenever I carry the rifle suit luggage along with me to yishun I would be very bad tempered also. So my theory makes sense hahaha.

Yea so I was feeling angry all day long. And my kind of angry is just like really childish-angry so.

Was walking to the 12 bus stop under the hot sun and I got even more angry because the increase in temperature shifts the equilibrium to the right (from happy to angry LOL), thus.. you get the point.

Then the miraculous thing is that: I reached home, bathed, studied, ate, studied, and went to sleep at 11.30pm. What the hell model student or what!?!

Hahaha super impressed with myself.

Then today I was in an okay mood, then when I reached home I was like slacking and talking to my mum, and she said,

(translation: can you be angry everyday?)

Haha. End of story! Sorry if it's not funny haha got to go!

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