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July 04, 2010

You can go wherever you like

I want to have a pro camera.

I want to know how to dance.

I want to go to a pretty european country.

I want to have lots of nice clothes.

I want long hair.


Hello, I'm back from the hustle and bustle of a jc student's life, and have been slacking around at home from yesterday. Like I seriously did nothing at all except being on the computer idk doing what also!

I wrote a page long report that was overdue a month ago, but accidentally unplugged my computer and now it's gone! D: SAD MAX.

And I have like 2 zuowens, project work, the stupid report, math hbl, tuition homework and chinese ORALLLL.


How do you like my new layout! ^^ The original was like this. I think I made it look much messier. But it's colourful now! Yay nice(: Spent a few hours though...

Tuesday will the start of hectic life all over again! Darn... and I really can do without scary emails popping up oh so often!

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