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July 02, 2010


UPDATE: I spent $9.85 travelling today. Including 4 dollars of taxi.

HELLO HAPPY NOW COS I PASSED MY PHYSICS LIKE OMG. I did okay I think, but you never know man. Lol but anyway hope it's not a subpass. It has been imposed upon our generation that anything below with the first digit below 5 is FAILLLLLLL.

Despressing stuff.

Gotta say that today (technically yesterday's) is the most crazy travel-frenzy day.. in a long time! I think I spent over 9 dollors on travelling alone, will count as I post hahaha.

Went for Chinese exam in the morning, okay la, wasn't too bad. Haha it's chinese, I was saying, if I fail chinese I have no hope in life already. During the paper was thinking about what would be good material for the post below, for chinese.. I think I thought of some while I was doing but can't remember now oh well!

My zuo wen was kind of funny but it was about corrective work order. I went orchard with my friends and I threw a sweet wrapper and got caught and I did CWO at bedok interchange and got my face published on the newspaper.

HAHA OH I WROTE '我的漂亮的脸庞' on the essay, thank you very much! ;D Lols high already.

The teachers during the exam damn annoying wlao, they say something like 'DO NOT OPEN YOUR ANSWER BOOKLET' like more than 10 freaking times. Summore the chinese teachers' voices are like super piercing idk why.

Getting quite offensive so I shall stop.


Went home, and left for the elderly place for slv painting! Gotta be my worst experience with directions like EVER.

The worst part is that it was raining like hell!! You have to factor this in thoughout the whole part below.

It is so bad it need to be in chronological form so you can follow. Lol I doubt anyone except eileen will read this part below:
  1. Took mrt from simei to paya lebar.
  2. Left the mrt station, was told to take 155 then I saw one coming so I chionged and got on. Without looking at the directory.
  3. Took me 5 stops to realise that I was going in the wrong direction.. until when I saw parkway somehow.
  4. Had to take more stops to find some place with a opposite bus stop that's within walking distance.
  5. Alighted, went opposite bus stopto find that the bus I took WAS NOT THERE. HATE LOOP BUSES MAN ARGH.
  6. Took some random bus backwards to eunos mrt.
  7. Took mrt from eunos to payar lebar again. (Impt! Took a picture of a veryvery small portion of the map)
  8. Took 155 in the right direction by crossing the road-.-
  9. Alighted at blk 125 cos it was inside my tiny map.
  10. Attempt to walk to place: EPIC FAIL. Why?

Blue circle: tiny map
A: Place of interest
Purple stars: the DIFFERENT 125s.
Red square: bus stop I alighted at.
Haha you know I just found out it's different too.

So I walked...

Try to pull the red yarn into one straight line! I think can walk from my house to school already!

I walked all around the neighbourhood until the dead end so I walked back. The people at the void deck must think i'm cuckoo lol. Must remember it was in the rain!!! SUPER HEAVY RAIN SUMMORE.

Then I thought walking along the road would be a nice idea... so walkwalkwalk until the primary school, then I damn tired alr. But then it was like 2 hours of travelling.

I wanted to like just lie down and melt in the puddles and flow away and away and away... was so tired.


Tried to hail a taxi while walking backwards (save money lol).. so walked like 15 minutes more. Bloody hell all the cabs just put there 'hired' then inside got no one!

Okay so the cab reached the place already but couldn't find the block, alighted and attempted to walk.. walked like maybe 500m to the place.

WHEN I FINALLY REACHED I WANTED TO CRY ALREADY OMG LOL. Haha but it's quite anti climax for me cos like everyone was busy and I wasn't really needed. Aiya but..... ah well!


Skipped dinner, chionged to a committee meeting after that but I'll leave that for another day.

Good night!

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