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July 22, 2010


I would wear a white dress, and you will be my sunset.

I should have slept just now. Bummer bummer bummer! Can never get proper things done.

Guess what I did instead- halfway watched though a lousy movie 'He's just not that into you'. LOL how apt. Storyline was so messed up I didn't want to continue watching, plus the main character was like some despo, annoying max. HAHAHA.

Kind of fun to vent out 'negative energy' to fictional characters, no harm done anyway right!


Completely got back my midyears results today, can confidently say that I totally flopped the entire exams. Might even retain if I get this kind of results for promos la. Even if I don't I won't even dare to take on the j2 syllabus la.


So much spammage of work though, the piling of tutorials is higher than ever, plus all the stupid redundant stuff that I can't even get started on.

And the meagre break before promos. Gawddddd.

Funny how I keep pepping myself yet nothing comes out of it, still as slack as ever AHH.

Halfday tomorrow! Whatever I'm gonna do after school hope it will be fun(: (Although the not-so-hidden antisocial in me just wants to go home and sleep lol)


Figured my lousy GP results may be due to the way I blog, hmm.

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