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June 14, 2010

You gotta watch toy story 3!

Okay I just needed to put a picture.

Today in a 10 minutes:
  1. Walked for 45 minutes under the hot sun, straight into marina bay sands and back.

  2. Went for a class outing at marina barrage with 6 guys and 1 girl (yes that would be me)

  3. Played a card game which has no name (the four card game) and daidi!

  4. Survived without lunch.

  5. Walked from cityhall mrt to suntec in 20 mins, and ran back in 5 minutes.

  6. Wore matching jackets, floral romper/jumper, and shoes with Eileen! :D

  7. Had alot of near-deathlost moments with ms fellow blur queen!

    E: Are you sure this is the right direction? -backtracks-
    J: Are you sure we're taking the right mrt? x2 -jumps out of mrt-
    E & J: Where are we going?


  8. Went to nuffnang office. Super cool.

  9. Saw the boss :O

  10. Took a picture in a action-figure package box.

  11. Posed with a lots-o-huggin' bear (which we found out later to be EVIL)

  12. Took a lift with the guy from 'The Noose'!

  13. Watched a awesome movie TOY STORY 3, screamed, shrieked, sqirmed, aww-ed, laughed, cried.

  14. Was badly scarred from something that happened at the mrt platform :O

  15. Went home and found out I'm badly sunburnt):

Had a really really great day! (Apart from point 1. and 13.)

Thanks everyone for making my day so fantastically cool! :D Especially eileen dear! (We gotta go for more of this sorta stuff hahaha.)


Haha and I'm gonna camp in my room tomorrow because I'm so tired from all the walking.

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