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June 26, 2010


(This is a scheduled post.)

Everywhere on facebook people are dreaming about post exam life.

Do they not get it?

End of exams do NOT mean an end of torture.

In fact it is even more than that, even worse. School in itself is bad enough, seriously. How can anyone even look forward to it?

At least however bleak this holiday is, we are FREE to do whatever we want. Plan whatever we like. And not get forced to scurry from place to place like little mice. (think an never ending cycle of lectures and tutorials).

Omg and the canteen. The burning OVEN with food that have been around for an eternity.

Not to mention being pulled out of bed at ungodly hours, rush, prep up in ugly, uncomfortable costumes called uniforms.

Oh, what do they say that makes up for school? -stretches out ear-

Great, because I don't have any.


Okay I'm overreacting.

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