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June 03, 2010


Blair ♥ I miss gossip girl! Glee is great and all, but it get boring sometimes. Less backstabbing drama hahaha. Oh and gorgeous clothes! Chuck! Jenny! Can't want to see what Georgina is up to!

-Blabber blabber blabber-

So.. Week's been kind of interesting, haven't hit the books at all though. Despair.

Monday- Rifle training, making farewell photoframes

Tuesday- Rifle exco meeting, planning farewell, making farewell gifts for genyouth, morphed into a manufacturing machine for rifle farewell gifts until 4am.

Print, penkife, scissors, glue, puncher, print, penkife, scissors, glue, puncher.. omg sorting was a real headache.


Wednesday- Rifle training, rifle farewell.

The farewell went kind of well so I'm glad. I'm the kind of person who likes to make the best out of everything (uhum chem video uhum), even though sometimes it's just not worth the effort. Guess it's just expectations or something along that line.

Hope the seniors liked the farewell, which was at least a proper conclusion to their CCA career. Especially the presents, which I spent a great deal of (supposedly meant-to-be-mugging) time on!! Haha.

Even though I'm not exactly very close to any of them, it was nice to see them enjoying the farewell (i think), reading the messages and all.

And mostly because there were those who appreciated my efforts- while I don't go around looking for recognition, it's always nice to have people go: "辛苦你了!".



Went to sauna and swimming yesterday! Awesome max. Love swimming. Can just feel the lightness, not being pulled down (literally, by gravity haha). It's really draining though.

Lastly, people- watch glee next wednesday, 10 pm, channel 5! YAY.


Emo section 1:

Don't even dare to go to your blog anymore, because the truth hurts. Sometimes things are just not difficult to get over so easily, and I can't accept it. I can't accept it. Stop forcing it down on me.

Emo section 2:

Life is just really unfair all the time. Hard work does not guarantee success, and it really pisses me off when you use it to your advantage. To hell with your so called passion and inborn talent and whatnot, when you're the same, week after week after week, I just don't think you deserve it.

My blog- discreet bashing corner, tsk.


Ohohoh, study date, anyone?

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