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May 22, 2010

The whole school got cheated off yet another full day

It's 3.44am in the morning now, it's the term holidays, and possibly the most busy time I have been in since, forever.

I've truly truly, given in (I think I hope and I will). There comes a point in time whereby there is just nothing more to say. Because seriously, nothing came to my mind that day, during that few precious moments that'll probably be forever etched to my mind.

Now that it memorable or anything, but I guess it's just called Acceptance.

So, it's the holidays! Nothing to be quite excited about, but I'm lightening up the mood first by going out with Eileen darling later (in 7 hours time), monthly shoot on Sunday, Farewell in due time, and I'm now in cic(:

Watched 5 (or more) episode of glee and gossipgirl today, in high def, awesome ttm. Guilty pleasure but well, who cares, school's out :D

Note to self: Pick up something from the range tomorrow morning. Bummer. -.-

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