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May 02, 2010

Too adorable to munch on

Every week in JC there's something to reminiscence on- something that will never happen again in my life. Ever so often, we complain about having to go through things that we would miss in years to come, don't you think so?

On wednesday there was investiture, an event that I wouldn't care less about. Yes, it's nice looking at people getting their badges, giving them the recognition for serving the school, albeit mundane (to a very high extent). I do doubt their real intentions through, and it saddens me, more than anything.

Drama night on friday was a nice way to end the LONG week of school. The pieces were good, and I don't want to give any negative comments here. Well, wished it could be better though, which it really could have been if not for several hiccups and.. hmm.. nevermind.

Well, should I say I'm sorry? I thought there was a common consensus ;/

Hannah came to my house on Saturday after we finished filming for our chemistry project (can't wiat for the photos to be uploaded!). Basically we camped in my room from 2 to 10, 8 hours? And I only managed to finish 2 pages of Differentiation tutorial (of which most people have already finished like eons ago). Gosh.

Nonetheless, nothing beats studying in an air-conditioned, quiet room with a (focused and very smart) friend (:

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