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May 11, 2010


I think I've just have had enough of repetitive posts, over and over again talking about all the same problems. No doubt they're what really bother me, but I get tired just thinking about them already.

Yea so will post some random stuff before heading to sleep (Aim: to sleep before 11 everyday)

Met up with my PWgroup (codenamed Southpole -.-) at Macs, on saturday.

Not the main point though- I brought my laptop there for work (which eventually was not to be), and unknowingly recorded a 10 minute long video on my webcam.

I think how we think we portray ourselves to be is quite different from what is seen in retrospect. The video was pretty interesting, for instance, my incessant mousehunting irked me alot! How can anyone stand it, oh my gosh.


The weather's getting really terrible and everyone's starting to get sick. -SNEEZES- I think the temperature outside is directly proportional to my mood- high temperature, really bad mood D:

Plus whatever's going on these days doesn't help much, so.

I need some eileen therapy! Haven't talked to you for so long ):

Might be the infinite time I've said it, but JC life really sucks.

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