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May 30, 2010

Coincidences are not fun

Oh, I can stay on tumblr forever.

One week has gone by, and I can safely say that I HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING. Ah sigh.

I realised that when you take something and label it as a job, rather than a hobby, the fun's all gone.

So far, I've got farewell gifts to do, a blogskin to finish, web design.. even mousehunt is becoming a chore. (It's not fun anymore when people start ganging up against you, and label you as an addict just because you bother to take the trouble to click a few buttons every now and then.)

Even blogging.

This is terrifying. How am I going to survive in this world in the future?

Next week is the start of another week. Well, duh, but you get what I mean, another week closer to mid years. 2 farewells, make up lessons, trainings, meetings. Hope I get to cram in some successful studying :/

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