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April 21, 2010

Why so emo

Earth Day has not been a good day for me.

I'm becoming very irrational nowadays.
  • I refused have my dad buy me a new laptop, when I've been dying to get one for months.
  • I'm avoiding people to the extent that I'll walk further routes just to get away.
  • I choose to stay away from people. (maybe's that's quite normal, for me anyway)
So, what's been happening recently?
  • I failed my first Chem test. Very badly.
  • Just got a reason to hate someone.
  • I'm burning up my available time to watch Glee.
  • I'm not catching up on almost every subject.
  • I'm doing chinese homework everyday. It's like I devote all my non-sleeping time to chinese.
  • Some idiot Shawn person wrote some weird mushy stuff which appeared on my computer screen, of which I didn't see because I slept halfway, of which my dad later saw. Now he accuses me of.. er. What. Mushy-ing online? Like, seriously o.O (By the way I do not know of any Shawns in my entire life-.-)
  • Getting project work groupings tomorrow, in other words possibly having another reason to hate 2010.
Going to musicfest tomorrow, but I'll just rather go home and sleep, really. What is wrong with me?

Signing off, ):

P.S. So over TGIF. From now on it's gonna be TGIJ- thank God it's June hols.

P.P.S. BLOODY HELL WHY IS HALF DAY ON WEDNESDAY. Where I will be having a possibly non-existent PE and CHINESE. ARGH. And freaking investiture of which I DO NOT CARE. And then now I am forced to go to school. DARN.
P.P.P.S. Edited thsi post like more than 5 times..

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