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April 07, 2010

What animal lies within your spirit?

Your spirit takes the form of an eagle - agile, strong, and independent. Eagles are dreamers with strong aspirations and even stronger determination to accomplish these goals. They aren't always that social, often preferring to stay independent to their own self although the few friends of an eagle always have someone to lean on and trust when they need. Someone with an eagle personality is quick to dream and yet quick to hide from others: they can conceal their emotions very well from others. Despite this, they do carry many emotions within them. It is hard to gain the trust and friendship of an eagle, but it is also very worthwhile. They carry hidden talents and strength that others may not see unless their eyes are talented enough to see through the mask that eagles often will wear. Eagles are strong and loyal lovers, but often careful and cautious about relationships. Looking into the eyes of an eagle, you will see a hard shell at first but deep down there is a well of emotion and dreams as well as strength. In times when your dreams seem too far to reach, listen to the wind in the trees and look up to the example of the high flying eagles soaring above the rest and remember that there is always hope.

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