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April 12, 2010


Did anyone miss me while I was gone? (;

A quick update cos I’m supposed to sleep now.. darn after the 12midnight mark again):

Last week was probably one of the most eventful weeks of 2010.

  • Monday: checking guns at safra
  • Tuesday: Brother’s birthday
  • Wednesday: NATIONALS, pbl due
  • Thursday: YDSP congress
  • Friday: International idol, rapunzal

I think it’s really cool how things can just unfold and turn out alright without any planning.

YDSP congress

Hannah and I rushed to orchard by bus, only to find out it was a straight bus all the way there within walking distance, and we are just in time for everything. Pretty awesome.

Our poster is OMGSOPRETTY hahaha, my design printed on plastic how awesome is that? ^^ Oh and there was the tea break which is yummy TTM:DD Not much of a tea break though, more like a dinner buffet, was so –burp- full after stuffing myself with so much food!



-Chenee goes to take almond dessert- -follows suit-

Hannah: I though you said you were full?

C: Ya lor aiyooo.

J: (defensively) It’s to digest all the food!!

-no one listens-

-.- So yuan wang hahaha.

OH YES ON THE WAY HOME. EPIC FAIL. Hannah and I took past VS, then at a particular stop (in view of VS) she says ‘okay next stop.. sekali go all the way to changi airport’ (obviously my own interpretation hannah does not use singlish)


Then had to take the train back to the pasir ris direction.. then I took to bedok instead, had to take again. Wts man tired until damn blur already ):

Apparently hannah took something wrong on her (u-turn route) back. Lol hahaha she got failness diffusion from me!

Friday after lessons

Original plan: Go for match support, back to school , wait until international idol & go with class, go for SNL alone.

What happened: Went to sally’s house, international idol with class, dinner, SNL with eileen.

Slacked with part of the class while waiting for the buses to come.. quite interesting hmm. Still can’t get over how 08V14 is already history, gotta make way for new people, new styles (?), new frequencies haha.

I didn’t pon match support!! The last bus was too full so sally and I just hopped off and we walked to her house. Just like that. Damn impromptu!

Her VAIO is SUPERR NICE!!! Windows 7 summore..  but no more vaio for me. Just a brand name. Only looks nice. Lags like crazy. –psychos self-

So, attempted differentiation with much failure..

International idol! It was good, really, and it’s really cool how I got to see some scholars in a different light now, not just people who have imba grades and what not. Haha. The performances were enjoyable and haha HANNAH so cute!! The vietnam item was super amusing hahaha.

Got 2 ice cream and crashed dinner. Wahahahaha.

YEAH ICECREAM. Too bad I didn’t have room for more. Lol how can anyone dismiss free icecream? ):

Watched SNL and I finally got a lot of stuff I missed out the other time LOL.  Interesting much, could listen much better. Felt like they cut some parts?

Okay.. PBL presentation tomorrow! Hope everything goes well. Oh and glee and 2 days, yay!

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