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April 03, 2010


“It’s absolutely downright terrible!”

No referring to anything in particular though, hmm. Just felt that shouting that out with strong conviction. Like a little girl throwing a tantrum.

Haven’t been exactly blogging since.. the time eileen and I went to watch Alice. Well, some stuff that happened were

  • Alice!
  • Shooting
  • shooting
  • and more shooting
  • V14 class outing- vermonster! :O
  • Musicfest semis

Maybe it’s abit lag, but I suddenly really really really miss 2009 life. I can’t exactly say ip life, but I suppose it’s got it’s upsides and downsides. I think it was put really aptly that ip was like a bubble, already about to burst while it had its glory days.

Don’t think I’m making much sense.

Just miss the company, miss the feeling around these people, miss how it was so easy to relate, to communicate to them. Probably these kind of things build up overtime, but well.. there’s little faith left in me.


I think musicfest semis (the band part only actually) was pretty awesome. I really enzy these people who can do music and stuff. I don’t know if that’s weird, but thinking from a cca’s perspective, performing arts is really much more purposeful. It actually brings entertainment to others through performances and stuff. I mean, like, run swim kick win medal.. it’s like just to prove that you’re better than others right.

Just not really a sports person at heart.. look what vj has done to me hahaha.

Would like to join a choir someday when I grow up.


The much awaited nationals are next week. I don’t know whether to look forward to it or to be apprehensive, or what. I’m really not too bothered about the competition itself, but what’s going to happen after that.. no more early mornings to yishun safra, another hiatus from shooting? What’s going to happen at all?

I’m not to close to the J2s in particular, but will definitely miss them. Really. That’s how I am, growing too accustomed to people, how things are.

On wednesday, I WILL get 370 and above. I know I can I know I can I know I can I know I can.


I’m truly screwed I think. I can’t even begin to list out all the things I haven’t done.. it’s scary. Add that to the fact that I’m missing 10+ periods of school next week.

Am going to be superwomen and finish whatever I can. Tomorrow.

Always tomorrow.

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