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March 05, 2010


Would rather do science/math than econs, anytime! And this is how you differentiate science and arts students.

TGIF OMG. Need to catch up on sleep! God knows what's going on on Saturday but ha whatever. Weekends are the greatest terminology ever created!

It has dawned upon me that we should expect to receive exactly how much we put in. Sounds simple, but really, how much effort one puts into a project/ relationship just shows at the end of the day.

It's already March, nearing the end of Term 1. Doing the math, it's already like 9/16 or 56.3% of my college life gone! Haha.

Life's not exactly great now but I look forward to them, somehow. I think part of me is just thankful that I'm being thrown into this world of nice-ness and naivety. Where social problems seem so distant, and now I have more energy to be concerned about the seemingly more important stuff, y'know?


Today, I was late for school for 15 minutes. Latest ever in my vjc life (and I still haven't got booked yet :D).

Oh ya decorating Luke's birthday card with hannah is damn funny. Kept adding on when we were like going, "OK THAT'S IT no more touching the darned paper' -picks up marker to draw something on it- haha. So I taught her hua she tian zu lol.


Come to think about it. I really am super grateful for what I have now. Life may be a little bleak (in terms of tutorials), but I have people I can count on. And isn't that the most awesome thing ever? :D

P.S. Alice in Wonderland!! 40 days to Glee!!!

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