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March 20, 2010


  1. Wts why my Dad computer no microsoft office!!
  2. Can people be more internet savvy and be a bit more committed to a cca as to complete an online contact list -.-
  3. Today was nice(:
  4. Omgosh shooting tomorrow, again!

Ahh. Abit of a rant here.

I'm actually a bit scared of you, truth be told. I don't know who you are anymore, and the unknown simply scares me. I don't really like to approach you anymore, because I don't know what kind of response I will get, and how it differs from what I (used to) expect. It's like I'm facing a completely new person who I don't know at all, and everything's all part of a pretense now. It's really just uncomfortable.

I wish I could just walk up to you and say, "Hello, what's your name? Let's be friends.", and start a completely new relationship, form this completely new image of you in my mind as how it is now.

But I can't, and it annoys me so much. Sigh. Rant over.

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