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March 16, 2010

ARC camp 2010!

Hmm, it was quite a different experience from last year, but nonetheless got to know the J1s better. This year's camp had a lot more shooting!

Oh and kudos to group 4 (still no group name, HEHEHEHEHEHEHE yes? ;P) for winning like both the shizilukou (YAY FOOD) and mini-comp lol. Shizilukou damn funny my group is like super efficient. Had to get long beans from yoshinoya -.-

Doesn't feel like it's the school holidays 'cos it's like almost a quarter of the school having camps? And then we like see um, random people frantically running around. And omg last night at 2am there were still so many girls walking around waiting to bathe.. self included.

Night shooting was super o.O like actually quite redundant, maybe just for the fun. I suppose it's because my rifle was already very (...) and not adjusted properly to me at all. Oh well.

Haha midnight jammin' with eileen outside the sick bay was, er haha, fun in a weird way which only two of us will enjoy (; Lol. It's times like this that I feel like I never left 2009 ):

And dammit man, I am so not a weird mousehunt person okay. It's just like making full use of my phone's wifi function! Note: I am not addicted. I am not addicted. I am not addicted. (New inputs coming tomorrow! Squee!)

Was really zapped out at around 3-4am & feel asleep halfway while the girls were engaging in all sorts of interesting conversations, ranging from weddings to religion to gossip (!) :X
The next day, nothing much. After break camp, went to teoheng with an unlikely bunch of people (: Haha. Was quite great! Lol first time I dance to k-pop, I feel so weird now. Sorry for er, singing too loud. I surprise myself too.

But haha, karaoke rocks! :D

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