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March 13, 2010

3-day roundup


Thursday: Shot 120 shots after school, such a killer –.- And thank you coach for consistently confusing me. Not funny, the way you’re messing with my, hmm, near future ):



VOG was a scam, and they released us after cheerleading comp (which lynx won! :D) and the virtual Olympic relay.. super retarded la, mr chan saying ‘Do you want full day?’ and the whole school going ‘FULLL DAYYYY’, with the smarter ones going 'NEXT TERMMM’ (only to be overwhelmed by the FULLDAY people).


Anyway, had exco meeting after, and I will promise to be the very best secretary as I possibly can. Had some hiccups from the past year, but yea. In other sense, reserved comments.

Slacked in school, T11! Yunita (mostly) and I did this really awesome T34 classroom plan thing. Haha. Will upload on facebook soonish. Meanwhile it’s here!

Then Eileen and I went to Gloria Jeans to have Ice chocolate! Omg spam caramel and chocolate hahaha. Was super yummy nevertheless (until the bottom part, haha)

Lalala then to swensens to celebrate annabelle’s birthday with pyccolo :D Nice! Most of the time was spent not understanding what’s going on though.

Ultimate fail at playing slapjack. Got to see a glimpse of some taiwan singer (whoever the name is, can’t remember).

End day! Annabelle turned legal, congrats! :D


Saturday: H1 Chinese- Chinatown

Omg can people stop asking me, ‘you’re taking H1 Chinese!?!?!?!?!’ because I totally don’t know how to answer! I don’t know why also okay!

So, went to Peranakan Museum and Chinatown Heritage Centre and Chinatown, mostly. So weird to see random ip people popping out of nowhere.

Went around with the chinese class, plus S63 people who are really nice people. Lol was quite funny going around, and omg the green-eyed lionhead that suddenly lit up and moved! Freaky ttm hahaha. And woohoo we’re the only people with so many embossed prints on our chinese paper! :D

Can’t stand my lousy camera ): Out of 10 photos I take in the museum, 8 are blurry, like zzz, how am I going to do my assignment?

Ahh S90… –dreams-

Yup so I got home at 2, turned on the computer, now it’s 7.31pm and I’m still here :/

Will end off with a sob story: 12 consecutive pillages by da sensei mouso D: SAD OR WHAT T.T

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