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February 12, 2010

Gong xi fa cai

Okay. I hope I type fast enough.

Will be going msia early tomorrow! :/ I WILL DO WORK I WILL DO WORK.

Rifle trials were like super :O Haha, guess I'm glad that the prospect of the club is looking well for this year.

Yesterday went for piano g{love} concert with leen and qi, caught up a little but well. Ah well. Things better left unspoken. Still can't get over it.

The concert was heartwarming, and I wish I knew how to appreciate music more e.g. choral music, classical music, orchestral music. I like to listen to them with my eyes closed but it looks like I (and I really do) fall asleep sometimes.

Oh and today I had my first experience nearly being booked for lateness.. run like xiaooo ~whoosh~

Chinese New Year celebrations, flirting lion dancers (???) hahaha. Oh and some of us took polariods with a tiger. I LOVE polariods! So dying to have one.

Oh then the class went for banmain.. the attendance percentage is like the best I have ever experienced in my life history of class outing/meals. But well.. oh well.

I guess partly I am at fault sometimes but it's difficult, okay? You can't change your own perceptions of people overnight, even if they might not be true. And I hate this. I hate that how things are planned out like that. Life is so unfair.

Ya then I got really pissed at some ip people. The end.

P.S. I need a cupid mouse in mousehunt!!!

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