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February 28, 2010

Liberation, when?

-Looks at time- Okay, I am going to finish blogging, then watch How I met Your Mother, go bathe, then tidy up my room, research for projects until hmm, 8.30. Then dinner and letter to my mortal, find something to give, do chinese, finish binomial, more tutorials and go to sleep.

Which probably will end around 3 plus. Story of my life.


SSA shoot today & I heart using cylinder guns (!) and OMGosh super super cool electronic targets (!!!). Plus with the air-con, makes shooting such a joy. I can shoot like 100 shots and not get tired at all man.

Didn't really score very well, first series was pretty screwed idk why my sighting suddenly changed :/ And then I changed it towards the wrong direction !#$%^& zzz.

But not counting that series it was quite okay. Might be shooting with a cylinder gun soon! (like permanently) :DDD

Took a few lightyears to walk from yishun mrt to yishun safra, I am such a fail at directions, really.

40 minutes under the hot sun + carrying luggage + no knowing where you're heading = impression of the several lightyears. Haha.

I really should get GPRS or something!


No time for thinking posts. I don't know why I'm still blogging since this place is just really isolated, but I like to reminiscence so perhaps that's the reason. Stuff to look back and read next time.

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