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February 23, 2010

Just thinking.

Omg  just found out that I haven’t done my Chemistry tutorial for tomorrow :O Majorly screwed!

Haha nowadays sleep at 10 plus.. to all ip’08 people reading BIG ACHIEVEMENT HUH :D Haha but today guess I have to break my record. Still got overdue chinese homework as well! Gosh.

Okay so had training today and saw the new batch of people coming in, so weird I remembered it was like the same scenario last year, just that with different people. At least my reaction towards them were the same- the hesitancy, being reserved. But I think it matters more now that these are people of my cohort o.o So.

Gotta be more friendly!

It was nice talking to Cecilia on the bus today, sharing about stuff and all. Sometimes I just wonder if I would ever make a real friend in vj who’s not in ip. I’ve grown so attached, it’s like I will never come out of this comfort zone, this cushion to fall back on. Ever.

Just thinking.

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