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February 17, 2010

Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world

I doubt most people have ever watched both Glee and A Walk to Remember, but this is ingenious!


Work is piling up, and almost every post has the word ‘tutorial’ popping up because I keep lagging behind ahhh.

Have a terrible terrible slot for CT but I. Will. Make. It~ “Who knows you might have succeeded if you didn’t even try?” Haha motto of vj life.

Pretty much monotonous days, OH HANNAH CAME TO MY HOUSE ON MONDAY! Haha was pretty cool but we were doing GP =.= It was so dreary I fell asleep without even realising, opps..

Failed attempt to webcam with yunita because my vaio is lousy like that, no webcam!

Haha I hope hannah liked the meals my mum made. Reunion lunch and dinner!


I skipped running the xcountry route today, went to cycle instead. I think I’m terribly terribly unfit (not to mention quite sickly), and now xcountry is in one week howwww!

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