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February 27, 2010


The latest episode of Skins is screwing up, so I'll just wait for it to reload all over again. Sigh 101 things to do and I'm burning time, yet again.

Cross country was really bad, but kinda figured to get the 'whole vj experience' we should know how it is walking/running all the way behind of everyone else, right?

Class lunch at Thaipan was different, but it was a class effort so I'm glad. Could feel some tension around, no? Zong ji mi ma again, and I still haven't lost a game yet since sec one PE days.

Went to sally's house thereafter, and I was thinking how much responsibility one needs to have to live overseas, taking care of yourself in all sorts of ways one usually takes for granted- food, laundry, accommodation. But from another perspective imagine all the freedom you can have!


OG BBQ. The OGLs are really sweet to have prepared a 'prize-giving ceremony' and how they were scouting for a place for the event- super cute hahaha! The thing itself was pretty cool too. Haha.

The barbeque didn't really turn out to be one anyway cos we didn't get to eat the food. Went to some food place down ecp to get some supper, and I did the most ridiculous thing ever: walking there barefooted -.- Didn't bother to get my shoes from the beach, and forgot the bring slippers.

Felt like some third-world citizen, walking on prickly surfaces and having the continuous fear of stepping on something sharp.. people should totally hold one of those awareness events like hunger camp and all- travel barefooted around Singapore for a day! Haha I have such brilliant ideas, no?

Got pretty annoyed towards the end on the way home though :| Nevermind. I mean, some stuff are just inevitable, aren't they?

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