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February 04, 2010

2010 is a NIGHTMARE

Feeling like real crap now. Talking to yunita like makes the truth dawn on me.. and I'm really really worried and scared now.

What if I never get it back?

Y: "But you have to accept the fact that it's probably gone forever."

Sigh. And then 2010 is really crappy now. Today was i-have-no-comments and ARGH OMG. I mean like, maybe this group of people has potential and I'm just oblivious to it for now..

Well at least banmain with hannah and kaiyi was nice.

“When is this nightmare ever going to end?”

Ending off with a big SIGH. Skipping sea regatta for airshow tomorrow, then suntec mass dance. But seriously, I have no mood for anything now.

P.S. Why oh why am I so suay! What is it because I cut my hair? Or someone hates me? Or what???

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