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January 11, 2010


I am just plain unhappy now.

And today just plainly sucks.

Right in the beginning of the day, it dawned upon me that I was an ip3 student, it was a new year. New beginnings. Something to be glad about is it not?

Not really for me at that very moment.

Then the teachers started rambling about ip1 ip2 ip1 ip2 and suddenly it’s like weird- do I not belong in this place anymore?

It’s ok, I’ll get over it.

The three week programme thing officially started, and the first activity had to be a social experiment on cliques or something. Maybe I read too much into things.

Do I have to stick with all these people for the next three weeks? GAWD NO.

They released the camp groupings and wow it’s like the same camp grouping for pahang. Like wow. No offence but I didn’t enjoy pahang at all.

Then blah the rest of the went like shit.

‘O’ level results. Disappointing.

Got hit by a nickelodeon ball like 7 times or something. No I not enjoy being hit, and yes I am too lazy to move/ overwhelmed with sadness to bother.

Un-enjoyable activities. Maybe because my heart wasn’t there anymore.

Will just be another soulless person floating around in the campsite tomorrow, and for the rest of what is left of ip. Goodbye.

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