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January 23, 2010

Cruise (6 January to 8 January 2010)

Things to do today:

  • Blog
  • Change blogskin NO TIME
  • Project poster

And because today might be the only day i’ll ever get to use the labtop I should !chopchop! can get as much work done as possible.

Been a really terrible blogger of late.

Going back in time to.. CRUISE! It was really awesome and a totally new experience. 3 days on sea, unconnected from the world isn’t such a bad idea at all.

i don’t care how people dont like cruise or find it boring. Cruise to me is real vacation. No internet access. No need to use real money. Food and lodging provided. You just need a room key to navigate around the whole ship. No parents nagging at you 24/7. THIS SPELLS FREEDOM YOU KNOW?!



Funny, kept looking on the ground for free tokens.. guitar hero game was ‘exciting’, though I kept failing haha, the songs were really catchy!

Qi was really pro at the shooting zombie game which all of us kept screaming at while she went solo-shooting.

Oh, then there were those kiddy spot-the-difference games, in touchscreen (!) haha, only that the screen’s sensor was really lousy, got owned by the game –.-


Cludeo, pictionary! Simple games, different experiences playing with wonderful people.

Pictionary was very fun! My idea of drawing ‘university’- joke! Plus the tension between the two pairs, trying to eavesdrop/ peek at the other team’s paper, haha!

At night played with cards. seems like eternity since I played bridge (L)!  Numberous other cards.. can’t remember already.

Afterthat we got bored of cards so had prep for orientation with all those irritating mind games they always do during OG dinners or rest times, e.g. Coffee or tea, how many maa-maa jumped over the fence etc etc!

Confession: Am an epic fail at getting enlightened at these games, so I’m like ALWAYS the last to ‘get it’, which can get kind of frustrating, not to mention totally embarrassing T.T

BUT, after this prep session, me is ready to conquer orientation! Hahaha.


There was this water slide that went out of the ship for a while an curved back in, and the bottom of the slide was transparent so it was like coooooool! Haha eileen kept insisting that we went for the slide over and over again haha, but it was really fun every single time anyway (:

Then we went to this Jacuzzi that was OMGWTBBQ hot! It was like some cauldron or something, but after submerging into the light greenish-blue water for 10 seconds and enduring the heat, it was quite nice and relaxing!

Went to the super tiny swimming pool and serqi finally demonstrated her awesome swimming skills haha.


According to eileen, cruise is all about food!

On cruise, because you’ve already paid for everything in advance, the whole concept of ‘value for money’ is pretty dominant.

Which also means trying to gorge yourself with as much food as possible! :D

There are like 5 meals that are available, but obviously little girls like us can’t really eat that much, so.

Choice of chinese or western restaurants, buffet or full course, choices choices choices! On the menu it was like ‘fish and chips’ vs ‘linguini’, but when the food came linguini was super yucks compared to fish&chips, so everything depends on luck!

Ended up not finishing food, totally D: because I am a huge supporter of NOT WASTING FOOD. But no choice, gotta make space for even more food! Haha.


Overall, it was a GREAT trip getaway, and I was really she bu de when stepping off  starcruise virgo! Definitely worth the impromtu-ness and the money :P

Holidays, farewell! Till next time.. (2 more years? >.<)



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