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January 06, 2010

Class outing, ARC chalet, Cruise

I swear, I am going to finish blogging and brush my teeth and go to sleep straightaway. And stop mousehunting.

My life is crazily packed with things that are supposed to be enjoyable but they just really tire me. I would like to have a really really long sleep but I don’t seem to get it because of being such an avid player/ hunter. Tsk me the no lifer.

Class chalet on monday and tuesday morning. It was nice seeing v14 classmates again after such a long time- prom, maybe? And not having to identify them by their fb profile photos.

Played para para on the this really old electronic mat that eileen bought, and I really total fail at it. No leg coordination for sure.

I would say  it was mildly amusing to see AHS people having their bbq next to ours. It’s like, ‘i could have been like 1 metre away instead of here’, y’know? The barbeque was okay, I hoped everyone liked the stingrays that my mum prepared.

And I have downgraded from the jingxin that ‘stays up very late’ to the jingxin that ‘stays up very late to play mousehunt’. =.= I DO NOT OKAY! It might be a bonus, but I definitely do not stay up specifically for that purpose. Grr. And no one cared to listen to my justification T.T

Then I went swimming with eileen, which was refreshing for a change. Subtle fun- is there such a thing? Being in the waters is just really comfortable and relaxing.

Movie marathon- watched watchman and In Brudges. Both movies were equally dark I suppose, and I really like the second one. I will, go to that european fairytale land, someday. Slept halfway through ‘the others’ (locked doors movie), would like to finish watching it soon.

Usually I would be wide awake on a sleepover, but because I was so overwhelmed with fatigue from the last night I totally slept the most ):


Had ARC outing after that, reserved comments.

Okay now I have nothing to say about it.

-darn, another dwarf mouse-

Anyway, in brief, went to orchard, squashed into a tiny  room with 9/10 people watching ‘the ugly truth’, of which I already watched before, and may I say, a movie choice that is highly inappropriate  for a gathering. Dinner after that, which felt equally weird too.

Somehow, I am just kind of worried and idk, not very accepting of that fact that things are have been, and are going to be like that from now on.


Am going for cruise tomorrow till friday. Three days spent with my rifle dearies, this time 24/7, wonder how it’s going to be like.

Maybe there’s something going on with my mentality, but there isn’t like this excitement and looking-forward-to thing that was there before. Screw them dampeners.

I still have to pack, find where harbourfront centre is, and pray I don’t get lost tomorrow. Argh.


P.S. Let’s just  really hope I’m just tired, not sick with flu or suffering from mild depression or something.

P.P.S. Am long overdue on a NY resolution post. I’ve already broken most of them anyway. Oh yes and the blogskin is halfway done. I am such a lazy pig, plus I don’t feel as much enthusiasm towards blogging anymore.

I guess I’m forming more and more thoughts that cannot be shared openly here.

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